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Shannon. 21. USA. My blog is made up of my eclectic love for many things, though mainly my love for The Phantom of the Opera and many other musicals.

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I was watching clips of “I’d Do Anything” last night (even though I don’t live in England lol) and I had the sudden urge to sing “As Long As He Needs Me,” but I couldn’t because it was so late. I just woke up however, and had to sing it. Tell me what you think :)

Musical Survey!

Name 10 of your favorite Broadway shows

1.  The Phantom of the Opera

2.  Les Miserables

3.  Wicked

4.  Legally Blonde the Musical

5.  West Side Story

6.  Oliver!

7.  CATS

8. Beauty and the Beast


10. The Little Mermaid

Have you ever seen these shows live? If so, where?

1.  Broadway, Tour, Las Vegas, High School Production

2. 3-4 times on Broadway and 2 High School Productions

4. Tour in CT
5. Broadway
7. 3-4 times on Broadway
8. Tour in CT
9. Tour in CT

What’s your favorite song from play 2?

I Dreamed A Dream
Who’s your favorite character from play 4?


What’s your favorite scene from play 5?

The Dance in the gym

What’s your favorite lyric from play 8?

"Nothing lasts, nothing holds all of me"

From play 5, which character are you most like?


Can you quote every line from play 1?

How many times have you seen play 3?

If you could play anyone from play 6, who would it be? Why?


What’s your favorite song from play 7?
Jellicle Cats

What’s your favorite quote from play 4?
"But perhaps if I’d made it more clear, that you belong right here, you wouldn’t have to go. Cause you know that I’m so much in love."

Out of all these plays, which one is your absolute favorite?
The Phantom of the Opera.

What’s the best musical they turned into a movie?
Visually, Phantom, but I really love Oliver! and the Sound of Music.

Is there a musical you DON’T like?
Quite a few.

If so, which one? Why?
Hairspray, Rock of Ages, just over the top and not really a story. (Plus Rock of Ages can suck my dick for replacing Phantom in Las Vegas)

"Oom Pah Pah" - Oliver!

Me singing “As Long As He Needs Me” from the musical “Oliver!”

I’m not a terribly great singer, and this song had a few tough spots, but I did my best. Tell me what you think?

"Oh yes, he does need me."

As long as he needs me.

I adore Shani Wallis as Nancy. She was so perfect for the role! <3