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Shannon. 21. USA. My blog is made up of my eclectic love for many things, though mainly my love for The Phantom of the Opera and many other musicals.


I was looking through Heather McFadden farewell pictures only, and for some reason, this was just hilarious to me.

Can you just imagine, Erik on facebook, liking pictures? lol.

Heather McFadden studying backstage.

My ideal Phantom cast in picture form ;)

Phantom: John Cudia

Christine: Jennifer Hope Wills

Raoul: Killian Donnelly

Meg Giry: Heather McFadden

Carlotta: Wendy Ferguson

Madame Giry: Maria Mercedes

Piangi: Wynne Evans

Andre: George Lee Andrews

Firim: David Cryer

John and Jennifer need to come back :(

She is amazing. I’ve seen her so many times. She is the perfect Meg. </3

Good cover by both Heather and Sally when the actor of Buquet does not come onstage.


Daily dose of stage!Phantom.

Heather McFadden does a little studying backstage.


Daily dose of stage!Phantom.

Heather McFadden, Jennifer Hope Wills and two lovely ladies of the ballet corps.