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Phantom Girl

There’s a picture of these 11 small babies as the top picture, and then Octomom as the second picture. I recognize her from one of the interviews I saw of her. Clearly she did not give birth to 11 babies at once, octo means 8. Clearly one can just put two pictures together and presume them to be fact.

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My name is Shannon and I love The Phantom of the Opera and many other musicals including but not limited to, Love Never Dies, Les Miserables, R+H's Cinderella, RENT, Beauty and the Beast, Wicked and Legally Blonde. My favorite film Phantom is a split between Gerard Butler (2004) and Charles Dance (1990). My favorite stage Phantom is John Cudia/Ramin Karimloo and my favorite Christine is Jennifer Hope Wills/Sierra Boggess. My life is complete because I have now successfully met all four of them <3

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